look for suitable video clips

find scripts

organize into markdown files

  • script is separated line by line
  • starting from next, we’ll include the tv name, season, and episode
  • new words can be inserted between the lines
  • new tool needed to generate the inserted content for new word
    • either command line or something that will generate the markdown text for you and copied to your clipboard

push to remote

  • trigger the update the server side
  • !!! redesign v2en.co so it looks better
    • include official account qrcode
    • (LOW) hover to show popup with translation

sync article to wechatMP

  • doesn’t need to accomplish auto-send yet
  • copy over to the official account, styling all remain
  • for simplicity, just export to a format that the current 3rd party web site http://www.xmyeditor.com can parse
  • then we’ll then export to official account. this way we don’t have to build any API and it’s once a week.
  • just build API to sync articles to wechat MP